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Friday, April 21, 2006

Pop Zeus Illustrated Songs And Status Update

Getting back in the groove of Pop Zeus after my big weekend. Spent a little time this week working out the second of the very exciting and fun Illustrated Song segments.

The first one is almost totally fleshed out (as mentioned at some point) and ready to go once I gather all of the voluminous reference materials (lots of funny references, but not dependent on them like the icky Family Guy). As I may have mentioned before (?), the first one will be a total sci-fi blowout packed full of outer space madness and fun. It will likely be 3 to 5 pages, the longest of the Illustrated Songs. And it is one of my absolute favorite Bob tracks but I won't reveal which song just yet. I want to keep you all in suspense and avoid too many spoilers at this juncture. But, you might be able to guess- leave a comment if you think you know which song it is!

The aforementioned second Illustrated Song I've been working on this week is a horror story. If you put two and two together faithful blog readers, you may be able to guess the style I will try to emulate for this one. And this 1 page short story will be hosted by a surprise guest from the GBV world. Yet again, I don't want to spoil the surprises. But I will say that the tune is a real short one from one of the Suitcase sets.

Sadly, work has been hecka busy and no new progress has been made on the Photoshop intensive Fake Comic Ads. But hopefully, things will ease up in the near future. And I did recruit my friend and coworker Sean to help me with the Pop Zeus logo. Creating a logo in the computer is something I have zero experience with and I want it to be super spiffy. So Sean's help will be mucho awesome. Will post logo designs as they arrive!

OK, so here is the status on Pop Zeus as of today. Have a great weekend my peeps around the world (shout outs to the folks checking in from Japan, the UK, India, Europe, NZ and Australia!). Planning on more writing (the 3rd Illustrated Song segment- Japanese superheroes!) and some sketching, thumbnailing and designing. Hope to be uploading some artwork for your eyeballs some time soon!

Cover (!)- IDEAS BREWING (more later)
GBV MVP profiles- 6 pages- WRITING STARTED (most of the research done)
Secret Origin of GBV- 3 pages- WRITING ALMOST DONE
My GBV Experience (in 3 parts)
-Enlightenment- 3 pages?- WRITING DONE
-The Search for the Holy Grail- 3 to 4 pages?- WRITING DONE
-The end of GBV- 3 pages?- WRITING DONE
Illustrated Song- 3 to 5 pages- WRITING STILL ALMOST DONE
Bob Story- 3 pages?- WRITING DONE
Fun Page- 1 page- WRITING STARTED (not much to do)
Cross Section- 1 page- WRITING STARTED (this idea may change, more later)
Illustrated Song Part Deux- 1 page- WRITING ALMOST DONE
Possible 3rd Illustrated Song- 3 to 5 pages- WRITING ALMOST DONE
Possible 4th Illustrated Song- 1 to 3 pages- WRITING STARTED (not much to do)
Fake Comic Ads- 3 to 6 pages?- WRITING AND ART STARTED
Out of the Mind of ????- 1 page- POSSIBLY ABANDONED

Total estimate: 40ish pages


Anonymous sstroud said...

Phil, Continue to love your blog... Although I'm not sure you could stretch it to 3-5 pages, I am guessing Tight Globes for the 1st illustrated song. I'd love to see that one.

12:15 PM

Blogger Phil said...

(touches finger to nose) :)

1:49 PM


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