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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"My First Guided By Voices Show" or "I Am Old"

As you may know by now, I've been in the process of collecting information and reference for Pop Zeus. And one of the big pieces of the puzzle was figuring out which Guided By Voices show was the first one I went to. That show made a huge impression on me and I remember a lot of what happened that night, but I forgot the exact date and which club in NYC it was (my brain operates this way in general). And that first show is an important setting for Part One of the My GBV Experience chapter of Pop Zeus.

Luckily, I got in the habit of saving any and all tickets in a zip-lock baggie since high school! Not sure why I got started but it looks like the first tickets I saved were from WWF professional wrestling cards, so that seems the likely reason. Remembering that these tickets were in storage back in New Jersey, I had my dad send out the baggie just this past week.

Lo and behold, I not only saved the ticket stub, but I had written down the setlist and what happened on a random flyer! Sweet! It's like a gift from the past me to the present me. So here is the flyer plus the ticket face for your perusal and enjoyment.

And here is the back of the ticket stub with Mitch Mitchell's signature and date.

I have to send Jeff at the GBV Database an email to let him know that I have a song list for that show (there is no other info on the database about it)!


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