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Monday, May 08, 2006

3 New Pollard Projects Dropping This Week!

Pre-orders for the 3 new Robert Pollard side projects from Luna Music's Fading Captain Series are hitting mailboxes this week and I cannot wait! And those albums are "All That Is Holy" by Psycho and the Birds (Bob and Todd Tobias), "Turn To Red" by The Takeovers (Bob and Chris Slusarenko) and "Blues And Boogie Shoes" by the Keene Brothers (Bob and Tommy Keene). If you haven't ordered yet, now is the time. Keep in mind that many past Fading Captain CDs and LPs have gone out of print so get 'em while they're hot.

MP3 previews of all three (plus a ton of other great rarities) are available at Robert Pollard's official website. Many of the faithful on DTS (the GBV message board) are already listening to the CDs, and are very excited about what they are hearing. And I will be posting my thoughts as soon as the records drop here in the woods (not unlike the proverbial bear).


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