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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My GBV Mixes #3- "Not So Briefcase 2"

October 2005 saw the release of the second 100 song Guided By Voices box set entitled Suitcase. And like its predecessor, Suitcase 2 was chock full of goodness- unreleased full band songs, alternative versions, demos, early live tracks, experiments and full versions of song snippets. But 100 brand new tracks is a lot for even the hardest of the harcore GBVer to digest. So as with Suitcase 1, I made a mix of my favorite cuts to blast in my car and ease my passage into the other 70 tracks. And here it is (with my usual blah blah comments)...

Gods Of Richard (amazing instrumental that makes me want to jump for joy, just Bob and the 'lectric)
Rocket Head (rockin' early version of Teenage FBI, nice kick off for the mix)
You're Not the Queen Anymore (one of the most played songs on my iTunes- slays me every time)
Lonely Town (prolly the best unreleased song on Suitcase 2- the guitar part is so cute and catchy)
Your Charming Proposal
A Proud And Booming Industry (cool tempo changes, industrial midwest theme, very REMish = classic)
Color Coat Drawing (killer track- so profoundly sad and moving)
Supersonic Love Funky Love Gun (the Heed's favorite and mine too, funny and amazing)
Dancing With The Answers (WAY-UP! AH-AH-AHHH!)
Telephone Town (second of the "town" songs and equally great)
Sinister Infrared Halo (disturbingly delicious)
Daughter Of The Gold Rush
Soul Barn (a real boot stomper- rocks my world big time)
It's Only Up To You (what a beautiful song- so good)
Soul Flyers (this song makes me weep with joy- "find a key to your heart")
Somewhere Sometime
Do Be (no relation to Romper Room, but still a good 'un)
His Spacetruck Is Strange
Invisible Train To Earth (kick ass Isolation Drills outtake)
Learning to Burn
Metro XVI (weird, wonderful- sounds like a robot falling apart)
Happy At The Drag Strip (this is like a rapped Bob manifesto- intelligent and disquieting)
Perch Warble
I Am Decided (the holy grail of missing tunes- given to The Amps and now taken back!)
Mannequin's Complaint (alternate version of a monumental b-side)
Waiting For Your Touch
Dusty Bushworms (so great to hear a full band version of this, just wish it didn't have the cd skipping noise- Suitcase 3?)
Beach Towers
Drugs & Eggs ("like curdled milk, just drugs and eggs, found nothing new")
Stingy Queens (couldn't close it up with anything else- genius)

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