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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Robert Pollard's Happy Jack Rock Records Single Series (Updated!)

(Update! The third release in the Happy Jack Rock Records Single Series has been announced... Current Desperation (Angels Speak Of Nothing) b/w Met Her At A Seance. So that confirms my suspicion that the former Silverfish Trivia track Met Her At A Seance is a b-side. Cool beans!)

Its a mouthful, to be sure. But Robert Pollard's Happy Jack Rock Records Single Series is also one great idea guaranteed to bring a years worth of joy to the hearts of Robert Pollard fans everywhere!

Its still in the planning stages, but the idea behind the Happy Jack Rock Records Single Series is that every month for an entire year, a 7" Robert Pollard single will arrive at your doorstep (kind of like "the fruit of the month club" but for Bob music)! Each large-hole (perfect for jukeboxes) single will feature an A-side from Pollard's October Merge release (tentatively titled Standard Gargoyle Decisions) and a non-album B-side.

The labels for the singles will look exactly the same except for the song title. And each 7" will come in a plain white paper sleeve to keep costs down. But a cool box will be available at the end of the series to house them in. Only a 1000 of each single will be pressed, available through teh internet only (not yet ready for pre-orders so hold yr horses) so don't sleep on this, good peoples.

And the first two releases in the single series have already been named! The first will be Rud Fins b/w Piss Along You Bird. And the second will be Spider Eyes b/w Battle For Mankind. So that also means that two tracks from Standard Gargoyle Decisions are the aforementioned Rud Fins and Spider Eyes- neat!

More information will come to light about the Happy Jack Rock Records Single Series in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, true believers!

(studio photo courtesy of Matt Davis and