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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hey Bay Area Denizens, Let's Go See American Cannibal!

(Update and reminder- American Cannibal's stand at the Red Vic here in San Francisco begins on Friday! I should be checking it out some time early next week (now that I'm unemployed, everything is easier to do during the week when the rest of y'all are at work!...)

American Cannibal, the hilarious documentary/parody of reality television, is coming to San Francisco at last (also check the link for more cities including Cleveland, Portland, Chicago and Augusta). And our favorite axe-man Doug Gillard (with help from Kevin March) composed and recorded over 20 songs for the film! American Cannibal will be playing hereabouts at the Red Vic in the smelly, street-kid ridden Haight district from June 22nd to the 29th. I will checking it out at some point that week- send me a message if you wanna come with!