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Monday, June 18, 2007

Robert Pollard's Happy Jack Rock Records Single Series Is Ready For Pre-Order

Robert Pollard's Happy Jack Rock Records Single Series, a 7"-of-the-month club celebrating the release of Standard Gargoyle Decisions and Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love, is ready for pre-order from our friends at Rockathon Records! And there are several easy options for ordering- one single at a time, in groups of three or the whole darn thing in advance (like me, heh). No matter how you pay, one 45 will be shipped on the 22nd of every month from now until next summer! Woo hoo!

And with the pre-order announcement is the entire list of A and B sides for the series. And there are several big surprises amidst the B-sides in particular. Take a gander...

June 22
HJRR-1 Rud Fins b/w Piss Along You Bird

July 22
HJRR-2 Spider Eyes b/w Battle For Mankind

August 22
HJRR-3 Current Desperation (Angels Speak Of Nothing) b/w Met Her At A Seance

September 22
HJRR-4 Pill Gone Girl b/w Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love

October 22
HJRR-5 Shadow Port b/w Be In The Wild Place

November 22
HJRR-6 Count Us In b/w Sixland (John Shough Verison)

December 22
HJRR-7 Dumb Lady b/w Street Velocity

January 22
HJRR-8 Youth Leagues b/w Spirit Of The Fly

February 22
HJRR-9 Folded Claws b/w Speak Again

March 22
HJRR-10 When We Were Slaves b/w Battle For Mankind 2

April 22
HJRR-11 The Killers b/w Revolver Tricks (Stanley West)

May 22
HJRR-12 Miles Under The Skin b/w Frostman (Long Version)

So the title song Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love, formerly of the original Silverfish Trivia, will not be on either LP (along with Piss Along You Bird and Met Her At A Seance, mentioned earlier). And word on the street is that Miles Under The Skin is one of Bob's best songs ever, for real.

But the big big news is the B-side release of two long-awaited lost tracks from the vault, Sixland and the long version of Isolation Drills' Frostman. Sixland was a beloved track considered for inclusion on Under The Bushes Under The Stars in 1996, but dropped... and then the master tapes were lost. Lost that is, until 2007! (Update- since this post, it's become known that this version of Sixland is producer John Shough playing the song from memory, not the original and still lost studio version. Ah well...) And the longer version of Frostman is supposedly closer in length and structure to Color Coat Drawing, the song it was based on.

Here's looking forward to an amazing year of Bob music, one single at a time- Cheers!


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