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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ignore This Post

The party of a lifetime did not happen in the mythical land of Dayton, Ohio last weekend. Guided By Voices (in a completely new configuration of Demos, Farley, Slusarenko, R. Pollard and MacPherson) did not reunite for five songs last Saturday. A cover band comprised of Disarm The Settlers members did not kick ass. And Chris Slusarenko, Rich T and Jason Narducy did not share vocal duties with the regular members of the band. No one played cornhole. The bus didn't get us there yet. Not a beer was drunk. Not a drunk was beered. No one got whacked in the ass with a whiffle ball bat. No one hugged their heroes. No one had a transformative experience. This did not happen. I was not there. That is not me in the videos. Do not believe in magic.

A Salty Salute

Game Of Pricks (with Jason Narducy)

Fair Touching

Big Boring Wedding

Rhoda Rhoda (with Chris Slusarenko)

Smothered In Hugs

Big School

Dayton Ohio, 19 Something And 5

Motor Away

Tractor Rape Chain


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