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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pop Zeus MVPs Revealed! #3- Jim MacPherson

Jimmy Mac, Hillbilly Boy, Mister Gold Record- call him what you will, but Jim MacPherson is forever Pop Zeus MVP numero three! There have been a Spinal Tap-ish plethora of Guided By Voices drummers over the years, all very talented and worthy of honors. From Kevin to Kevin (Fennell and March forming a GBV drummer history sandwich), the underrated Dave Swanson to the short-lived but amazing Jon McCann- many have come and many have drummed. But no one kicked as much ass on vinyl and in concert as Jim MacPherson, if you ask me.

Sadly, I never had a chance to see Jimmy Mac play for GBV ('99 and '00 being my get the fuck outta Dodge years). But the concerts I've heard as bootlegs are tight- the best lineup of the band ever some say (that being the stripped down Demos, Gillard, MacPherson, Pollard quatro).

And MacPherson's pounding performances on Do The Collapse, Isolation Drills and Kid Marine are classic (not to mention his guest appearances on Waved Out- Make Use and Subspace Biographies anyone?). Plus his side project work with Pollard as a member of The Soft Rock Renegades and The Moping Swans equals or bests his GBV output. Often MacPherson has been paired with Greg Demos on bass, my #2 MVP. Together they created one of the most formidable rhythm sections known to rock and/or roll.

Guitar pop as powerful as Guided By Voices needs a real caveman drummer to hold it all together. And there is none finer than Jim MacPherson, my third Most Valuable Player.


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