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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Shout Out To The Raindog

In the middle of my three day Memorial Day weekend. The break from work has been very welcome but the time itself has been lame. Didn't really make any plans thinking I could use the free time to work on the comic- big mistake. Railroading myself to get things done never works. And my school (subject of an upcoming post) was closed today and will be tomorrow. So the structure I usually rely on isn't there. To top it off, I've been feeling tired and uninspired lately. Been hard to get up off the bed- burn out city.

But just in time to lift me out of the fog, I got a mind blowing package the other day of Guided By Voices CDs from my man Raindog on Disarm The Settlers, the GBV message board. In exchange for sending him the 30 Songs rarities sampler, this guy sent me the first 3 discs of the Broadcastor House/Trust The Wizard set and 5 concert bootlegs, including 2 that are 2 discs long! Wow!

The first one I've been listening to is the famous 40 Watt Club show from Athens, Georgia in 2000. It was one of the first shows with the Farley, Tobias, MacPherson, Gillard lineup. And the quality of the recording is amazing and the show itself is completely kick ass. Lots of great stuff from the new-at-the-time Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Department and even a rare performance of Matter Eater Lad. Dayton Ohio 19 Something And 5 and Dragons Awake recorded from this show have even appeared on official releases.

And the Broadcastor House discs are amazing so far as well- heard a great 2002 live radio broadcast from Sweden and some unreal acoustic radio sets from 1999.

My experiences with the GBV fan community have always been nothing but positive and generous. So this is an official thanks to Raindog, who represents us well! You rock!


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