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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pop Zeus Live Video

Still feeling sick as a dog today even after sleeping most of yesterday away. So I'm kinda stuck here at home with nothin' to do but watch TV, catch up on my DVDs and listen to music, which ain't that bad really. Finished watching the Criterion Collection DVD of Kurosawa's Ran, one of my favorite movies of all time. The insightful audio commentary and gorgeous transfer on this edition make it worth every penny. But as for right now, I'm in a blogging mood. Plus I need to get on buying some online plane tickets for next months trip to Pittsburgh for the Pearl Jam/Robert Pollard show! More later on that...

Enough jibber jabber. Here is a live video of Pop Zeus, the song that my comic is named after. The track was part of the amazingly kick-ass 1999 Bob and Doug album Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Department. The video was filmed somewhere on the 2001 Isolation Drills tour and it totally rocks. You get to see a grab bag of Bob's stage moves, the powerhouse guitar work of Tim, Nate and Doug, plus John McCann slamming away on the drums like there is no tomorrow- all at the same time from a birds eye view! Sweet!


Anonymous steve said...

nICE viddy

11:49 AM

Blogger Phil said...

YES!!! Thanks for hanging out, viddy!

4:37 PM


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