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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fun With Paul Stanley

Who doesn't love KISS, right? The crass commercialism (everything and I mean everything for your favorite KISS Army member- from Kiss diapers to KISS caskets, literally) and arguable quality of their "greatest hits" aside, I dare anyone to find a more entertaining live rock show. Makeup and costumes, pyrotechnics, fire breathing, blood-spitting, 6 inch platform monster shoes- who could ask for more? And one of the more unintentionally fun aspects of a KISS concert are the screechy, spastic between-song rantings of KISS co-frontman Paul Stanley aka Starchild.

Lately, an album comprised only of Paul Stanley rants has been making the rounds on teh internets. And here is a link to it! Not the kind of thing I normally do, but seeing that its a bootleg anyway, what the heck. Are you prepared for 70 minutes of inane rock cliches and brainless ramblings?

Speaking of, from chilly Winnipeg Manitoba come a most unusual tongue-pressed-firmly-in-cheek KISS tribute band comprised of four Paul Stanleys, aptly called The Paul Stanleys! Behold a completely hilarious video of the legendary McDonalds Incident...

There are more clips of The Paul Stanleys on the same youtube page linked above. And please go check out their myspace page, while you are at it.

Lastly, The Onion recently profiled the best of the worst in on-stage rock banter. Not only does Mister Paul Stanley clock in at #3 on the countdown, but our very own Robert Pollard is right behind at #4 (though apparently bumped from the Onion print edition- wtf)! Anyone who owns the Relaxation Of The Asshole LPs knows the hilarity of Bob's stage banter full well...


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