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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Amazing Japanese Guided By Voices Cover Band - 5 Videos

Found these videos a few days ago and my mind is still totally blown. These as yet unidentified kids comprise a great Guided By Voices cover band! Especially impressive is the girl on lead guitar and harmony vocals- check out her ripping solos on Surgical Focus and Teenage FBI. Anyone who knows Japanese (I took Japanese 101 back in the day but I hardly remember a thing and certainly didn't learn any kanji) and can tell me more info about them (band name, where from, etc.), it would be greatly appreciated.

The clips showcase the late 90's - early 00's GBV stylings of Fair Touching, Skills Like This, Chasing Heather Crazy, Surgical Focus and Teenage FBI (Do The Collapse version), respectively. Not surprising considering that the only GBV gigs in Japan were in 2000 and that many of their later-day Matador/TVT LPs had Japanese releases (with coveted bonus tracks). Makes one wonder how many hardcore Geebs fans there are across the language barrier between our two countries...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, great posts. I've been listening to the preview streams at Both records sound great, can't wait to get my CD's. Bob's records are for collecting like little pieces of art.

Do you have any inside news about upcoming live shows? Bob please tour for the new records.

Those Heedfest posts were great. Salty Salute rocked. This cover band is pretty cool too.

Keep up the excellent GbV blog. I check it regulary.

Captain Kilowatt,
Jacksonville Beach, FL

My Halo3 tag is GbV Rocks if anyone wants to play.

12:32 PM

Blogger Phil said...

Thanks Captain!

Everything I know about the upcoming live shows is...

Metro, Chicago - November 30th

Southgate House, Newport KY / Cincinnatti - December 1st

99% certain of dates and venues, but thats it for 2007, no tour

band members not yet announced (Narducy very likely will appear on bass)

I of course will be present for both shows- already booked my flight, etc. Will make an official post once the shows are confirmed. Cheers!

7:53 PM


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