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Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Do The Collage" Robert Pollard Art Exhibit Online

Of all the Robert Pollard events in 2007 (and there were many), the one I regret missing the most (and the only one I missed, come to think of it) was Do The Collage. From December 9th to the 10th, Michael Imperioli's Studio Dante in Manhattan hosted a very successful exhibit of Robert Pollard's collages. As a long time admirer of his visual art (the perfect accompaniment to and sharing many of the same aesthetics as his music) and a fellow artist, I wish I could have been there to support Bob in this way. But with a holiday trip to New Jersey already planned for just weeks later, it was not meant to be.

But the good news is that we can all virtually enjoy Do The Collage thanks to the magic of the internet! A good place to start is this informative Spin article about the exhibit. Then, visit Robert Pollard's own website which is hosting the full online version, showcasing both the sold and unsold, framed and unframed collages. And the coolest thing is that you, yes you, can purchase your own piece of Robert Pollard original art! Many beautiful and provocative collages are still available, some at relatively inexpensive prices. And the truly budget-minded should not forget that you can always pick up Pollard's collage-crammed EAT literary magazines from Rockathon Records.

So many amazing pieces were on display at Studio Dante including album cover collages both old (Mag Earwig, Half Smiles Of The Decomposed, Sgt. Disco, Standard Gargoyle Decisions) and new (Circus Devils' Ataxia and Robert Pollard's untitled 2008 LP). Some of my favorites are below...


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