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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Guided By Voices - Back To The Lake Video

How can I tell you all that is wrong
Nothing invites you
Can't get along with you now
(and I try to)
There is a page
It's still unwritten
Why can't you find time in your schedule to pick up?..

Oh, pick up for God's sake when we call you back to the lake


Blogger schlep said...

Fine song, and video! I grew up on the shore of a western New York lake, whenever I hear this I think Bob might be singing just to me, on behalf of the pebbles, fishes and leaves.

6:43 AM

Blogger Phil said...

It is a great song. The video might be a little too creamy and professional for GBV, but its still pretty cool. Thanks for your comment!

10:50 PM


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