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Monday, January 07, 2008

The Takeovers - Little Green Onion Man EP Available For Pre-Order

Hey now. The Takeovers newest-of-the-new Little Green Onion Man EP is now available for pre-order from Off Records! To be honest, its actually been on pre-order for about a month. But I have been negligently offline of late. Sorry folks.

The previous Takeovers albums are two of my favorite post-GBV Pollard releases. And this 4 track (3 new ones, 1 old one) nugget of goodness from the ever rotating cast of Takeovers (plus Chris Slusarenko and Bob) will be hitting store shelves on February 12th. But early-bird internet orders will ship on February 1st- nice! And the EP is limited to 950 copies on CD, 950 on vinyl. So get yer order in today, for crying out loud!


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