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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Indienella - Game Of Pricks Live Video

Northern Spain's own Indienella (Sofia on drums/vocals and Luis on guitar/vocals) have an infectious self-described "bubblegum lo-fi garage pop" style. And this cover of Game Of Pricks is suitably rocking. Luis and I also agree that Guided By Voices is the best band ever. So there you have it...


Anonymous Luis Mayo said...

Hi Phil,
This is Luis from Indienella, thank you for writing about us! Yes, this is a small tribute to my all time favorite band that we also recorded for our forthcoming debut LP. I in fact met GbV in Philly in '95 when I interviewed them for a mag I was writing for back then, and those shows are some of the best I have ever seen. I stayed in touch with Bob Pollard a bit over the years (esp. when I lived in the US -- moved back to Spain in 2005) but lost touch a while back, if you or anyone could give me an e-mail address for him or pass on our contact I'd appreciate it, esp. because I now have a radio show on regional public radio in Spain (Radio del Principado de Asturias, -- this blog is my daily playlists) and have been wanting to do a huge GbV special including interviews, and of course one with Bob himself if possible! Anyhow, lots more to say! Thank you again for the attention and the kind words and our e-mail address is
Best wishes,
Luis Mayo
P.S. By the way, another band I used to be in, The Frankfurt School (San Diego, CA 2001-2) did a self-released 15-song cd-r album including a cover of "Echos Myron", please let me know if you need a copy!.

5:26 AM

Blogger Phil said...

Hey Luis~

Great to hear from you! I will definitely email you soon with the info I have. '95 was the same year that I saw my first GBV show (I have a post about it here- ). Those early gigs totally blew my mind and converted me from fan to mega-fan.

Take care and I'll be in touch!

9:49 PM

Blogger Luis Mayo said...

Hello again Phil,
I guess I was so excited yesterday that I wrote the wrong internet address for the station: the correct one is -- the full info:
"Otra dimensión" is available online! Live on the air Monday thru Friday 15.30-17.00 Spanish time (plus shows are repeated daily at 1 AM Spanish time!) at just go to "Radio en directo" and click on "conectar", then hit "play" and it should start playing. Otherwise google RTPA and radioespañ
Playlists at

Oh man, thos shows! I even saw one of the "secret shows" as The Burning Asssholes at Phlly's Khyber Pass thru my friendship with the guys from the Phila. Record Exchange, who were friends and fans and even had something to do with the "For all good kids" live album ... rock doesn´t get much better than this! Please stay in touch. All the best,

8:26 AM


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