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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

EAT 5 And 6 Announced!

As a regular reader of Pop Zeus, you already know that EAT is Robert Pollard and Rockathon Records' continuing series of literary/art journals. And EAT 5 (to be released on July 15th, pre-order now available!) and EAT 6 (September 15th, 2008) are primed and ready to warp your mind and melt your eyeballs.

First up is EAT 5: The Dogshit Chronicles. This all text issue is something special, check the word from my main man, Rich T...
EAT 5 will be out shortly and it is unlike any of the other EATs. It is actually a book of stories written by Bob. True stories of his times in Northridge. Really crazy stories written about some really crazy people.
And Bob sez...
It’s just going to be the very best drinking, crazy-ass party stories that I can conjure. The “How the hell did I survive that?” kind of thing. Kind of like the Basketball Diaries, but it’s the Dogshit Chronicles. It mainly has to do with alcohol, not heroin or whatever... I’ve got shitloads of them. But I can’t always come up with them, because they’re not like we went out and fucking burned a building down or something. It’s just where we went out and shit that we didn’t expect to happen would happen. The next day we go, “Jesus Christ, we’re lucky we didn’t kill ourselves.” Those kinds of things.
Sounds hilarious! And like EAT 4, EAT 6 will be another all-collage issue.

If the print runs of these EATs are anything like the others, they will be limited editions and could go out of print. So make sure you order early and often, kids...


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