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Friday, January 02, 2009

Guided By Voices Music Featured In Soderbergh 3-D Movie Musical- Updated!

1/2/09 Update- As reported by Defamer and Variety, Hugh Jackman is out for leading man role Marc Anthony in Cleo, citing "scheduling conflicts"...

Huge news! As reported by Variety and Ain't It Cool News, Guided By Voices and Robert Pollard music will soon be the cornerstone of a 3-D rock opera entitled "Cleo", scripted by former GBV bassist Jim Greer and directed by longtime GBV fan Steven Soderbergh!

As you may recall, Robert Pollard music was an integral part of a earlier Soderbergh indie film, Bubble. But a big-budget musical extravaganza based on the life of Cleopatra, (potentially) starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Hugh Jackman with Bob singing the vocals for one of the characters, is a whole other thing entirely!

Apparently, this project has been in the works for quite a while, with Soderbergh hand-picking a bunch of appropriate Bob songs (Little Lines rumored to be among them) and Greer, Pollard and Soderbergh rewriting some of the lyrics to match the story. If I were to guess, the film shouldn't be hitting the theaters until sometime in 2010, considering the early phase it's in. But count me among those in line on opening day! And the pontential for Bob's music to get wide exposure and acclaim is limitless. So congrats to Bob and keep your eyes glued to this spot for updates as they come in....


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