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Friday, February 17, 2006

Props to the Largehearted Boy

Thanks to my buddy Dave from for the plug yesterday! Your blog and GBV radio continue to rock on a daily basis!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I really like your idea and I wanted to ask you about your previous comic book how did you self publish it? I'm looking for practical ways to self publish an indie comic. I'll look forward to your reply to this comment. Thanks Myles

12:28 PM

Blogger Phil said...

Hey Myles! What really set me on the right track for self-publishing was the series of articles Dave Sim did in the back of his legendary self-published comic, Cerebus. They can be found on this excellent Cerebus site, about half way down the page... Self- publishing is a tough road and more than I can explain in just a comment, so I hope the link helps. Shoot me an email or more comments if you have any specific questions and good luck!

11:50 PM


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