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Friday, June 09, 2006

My GBV Mixes #4- "Mix For Dave (aka Newbie Mix)"

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Hey kids! Sorry for the lack of posts again. Blogger has been acting up all week, either down or not working properly. Plus things generally have been weird. I normally do 90% of my blogging at work, reserving my precious free time at home to important things like napping, eating cereal, walking my dog in the woods, watching Battlestar Gallactica (great show, btw) or perhaps working on Pop Zeus maybe. But starting Monday, our new Production Assistant started. She is either my assistant or replacement depending on how you look at it. And I've been followed and scrutinized by said person every day since. It is not only kinda unnerving but I can't goof off and blog or surf the internet like I usually do. Luckily today I had the morning off from reviewing dailies in the edit suite so I was at my desk and free to do as I please. Porn and email!

As you know from my earlier post, me and my bro Dave are heading out to Pittsburgh in a few short weeks to see Bob Pollard and the Ascended Masters open up for Pearl Jam! And we decided to trade mixes so I could get more familiar with PJ (only sort of know their singles, that's it) and Dave could get more familiar with Bob. I've made quite a few Guided By Voices/Bob Pollard mixes over the years for people who were completely new to the music. And each time, I tried to tailor the mix to the individuals involved with varying success.

Knowing Dave as well as I do, I figured a mix of the more mellow and melodic pop music side of Bob would be the way to go. Didn't want to overload the mix with too many songs either- nothing kills a potential fan conversion worse that too much crap to sift through. Avoided the super lo-fi stuff too, a great potential turn off. Also wanted to include From A Compound Eye stuff that may not be as catchy, but would likely be played. It always sucks to go see a band and not know any of the songs, especially in this case where Bob will be limited to 15 songs only.

I am often frustrated and puzzled beyond belief that Bob isn't a billionaire, critically worshiped, platinum selling rock god (he is in my mind!). So, converting as many GBV fans as possible is one of my life's ambitions. And the good news is that Dave really digs the mix! Spoke to him yesterday and he mentioned liking Lonely Town most of all. But he really enjoyed all of the first 8 songs (except track 1, heh). He could especially hear the R.E.M. influence in Bob's stuff (check back soon for a related video post).

Enough jibber jabber! Here it is...

Denied (likely to be the song they kick off the set with in Pittsburgh, so Denied seemed a logical lead off. I warned Dave that the first song was pretty loud and weird and to keep listening and thankfully he did. Part of me likes putting a weird one in the pole position anyway!)
Gonna Never Have to Die (a song that kicks ass and is melodic, with a super catchy hook- a no brainer for track two. Also the first of many from Half Smiles Of The Decomposed on the mix)
Lonely Town (in spite of its low fidelity, Lonely Town is so simple and lovely with a great guitar hook. Another no brainer)
Dancing Girls And Dancing Men (as a part of front loading this mix with goodness, I had to put Dancing Girls in there. Its so bouncy and fun, and surprisingly deep after a few listens)
Window of My World (now way was I missing this one! In fact, it has the "best song on the mix" position and was slated as such)
Death of the Party (this track off of the Keene Brothers record is so incredible and sad that it begged inclusion)
Fresh Threats, Salad Shooters And Zip Guns (not a favorite, but it might be played and I needed an acoustic slow number in this slot)
Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft (another showcase song for the mix that will definitely be on the set list. Dave said he liked this one too)
Choking Tara (I chose to include the Bug House acoustic radio performance of Choking Tara on the mix. It is a great performance and high fidelity, so I knew he would dig it.)
Supersonic Love Funky Love Gun (weird and wonderful- put in for shits and giggles)
Girls of Wild Strawberries (seemed like a natural follow up to the quiet SLFLG- a blast of melodic power pop)
U.S. Mustard Company
I'm A Widow (aka I'm A Weirdo- straight out rocker that should make the setlist)
Breadcrumbs For The Whales (put this rare and weird track in there to break things up a bit and cause it reminds me of Peter Gabriel, whom Dave and I are both fans of)
Conqueror Of The Moon (Another new one that Bob should play at the show. Its a tough one to "get", but once you do, you are a fan for life)
Fairly Blacking Out (kick ass Takeovers rocker slotted in to break up the Compound Eye stuff)
I Surround You Naked (First of 3 Compound Eye songs in a row- none of which I'm a huge fan of, but all of which might be played)
I'm A Strong Lion
Hammer In Your Eyes
Sea Of Dead (my current favorite track on Fiction Man and a great slow song before the "electrifying conclusion" of the mix)
Be It Not For The Serpentine Rain Dodger (this song melts my head, it's so good. Need some awesome rockin' shit at the end and this was perfect)
A Crick Uphill (a little bit country, a little bit rock and/or roll and a nice upbeat and offbeat conclusion to the mix)

More posts coming soon!..


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