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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Adrian Tomine and Peter Bagge on Guided By Voices

(Peter Bagge images courtesy of

Was farting around on the ole interweb the other day and found some interesting comic book and Guided By Voices connections (besides yours truly, of course). On a Google search, I came upon a cool illustration of the band by Adrian Tomine...

Neat! Tomine is the acclaimed comix creator of Optic Nerve and his graphic novels have made major inroads into retail book stores. He also does a lot of great work for the New Yorker magazine, for which this GBV illustration was commissioned. And some lucky fan (paging aholinrake) picked it up for 650 clams.

On the same search, I found a FAQ with Peter Bagge where he mentions Guided By Voices. Bagge is the legendary comix creator of Hate, Neat Stuff, Sweatshop and a million others. And he is also a huge pop music fan, contributing greatly to one of my favorite music books Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth. So it was interesting to me that he knows so much about the Bob and the band. Perhaps I should approach him to contribute to Pop Zeus? Odds are he wouldn't want to do something for free but you never know, right?


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