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Friday, June 09, 2006

Breadcrumbs For The Whale

Another shout-out to a generous member of the Disarm The Settlers message board family. Whale, as he is known, went way above and beyond the call of duty. He sent along a boatload of live CD bootlegs in exchange for the 30 Songs rarities compilation I sent him a while back. 9 live shows in total, many with multiple discs! The package included several shows from the Electrifying Conclusion tour in 2004, a few shows from the Do The Collapse/Isolation Drills era and one from Boulder, Colorado way back in 1995. Sweet! Thanks a ton Whale, I owe you one.

Also wanted to thank the mighty Rich T, Bob Pollard manager/webmaster supreme and king of Rockathon Records. He gave a few lucky fans the opportunity to order one of the dapper U.S. Mustard Company work shirts normally only available on the current tour. Mine showed up in the mail the other day and it is super cool. It's a standard navy blue work shirt and on the back it reads in big yellow lettering "U.S. Mustard Company: Dayton, Ohio". The name patch on front reads "Contain Yourself", a clever touch. Check out the picture above of Bob sporting the shirt on the spring tour. And look for this shirt on sale on the Pearl Jam tour dates as well as the not-quite-yet-official fall tour. It should also be available before too long at your home for Robert Pollard goodness, Rockathon Records. As always, you rock Rich!

(photo courtesy of and Chris Castaneda)


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