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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I Am A Scientist Video

I was gonna post something different today, but my laptop went haywire last night and the post is stuck in a Word document at home. If I can get the computer up and running again, I will upload that post later tonight.

Barring that, here is another Guided By Voices video to enjoy! Some generous soul has posted more GBV music videos on and I Am A Scientist is one of the best of the bunch.

The song is a stone cold classic without a doubt. And this video version has a different audio mix than any album version, with a cool guitar that kicks in over the chorus. I Am A Scientist was my first long-running favorite GBV song (can't really say which one is my favorite now- Subspace Biographies?). Still love the lyrical conceit of being a scientist on yourself, a journalist to tell someone and a pharmacist to get wrecked!

I Am A Scientist was also the very first GBV video I saw, most likely on 120 Minutes back in 1995. Cool things to look for in the video include: young Bob playing guitar (rare indeed) and kicking at the same time, various GBV locations around Dayton, appearances by Tobe, Mitch, Greg, Kevin, the only video appearance of Jim, Bob's younger brother, and everyone shooting some hoops. Sweet...


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